The effective democratization of big data in sport has allowed athletes to improve their individual performances and better understand those of their opponents. Data is also used in the athlete’s recruitment process, especially when searching for specific profiles. During a qualitative recruitment process, the viewing of live matches can not however be substituted by encrypted data or videos. Indeed, the detection phase is based on the athlete’s live performance monitoring by the recruiter.
Today the digital solutions offered to the sports recruiting stakeholders allow intermediation between the various actors, while providing data, statistics and videos. What about live supervision of the athlete’s performance?
We will see the 3 reasons why SIL ‘s networking – marketplace – live streaming formula will revolutionize recruitment in sport.

Reduced travel for the recruiter

One of the peculiarities of the sports recruiter trades is the high frequency of his movements within the various stadiums. Using live streaming to supervise athletes with an attractive profile, will allow the creation of a close relationship between parties while offering the recruiter the opportunity to attend one or more meetings without having to move.

By adapting this solution to the recruitment of the footballer, the live streaming will be all the more useful for the emerging nations of the round ball (USA, China, etc.). These are already followers of the recruitment of foreign players, second or third choice of the great nations of world football. With SIL, recruiter travel will be a choice, an option, not an obligation.

A proximity mastered by the actors

Scouting calls for discretion that is justified by the existing competition between clubs in their race for new talent. This confidentiality is also justified by the multiple solicitations that these recruiters may receive from players or intermediaries, who are often persuaded to have the level required for a position in a higher level club. The opposite phenomenon also occurs. Massive solicitations from recruiters can embarrass the orphan players of qualified and benevolent intermediary.
The networking system proposed by SIL allows all of its users to connect with one another on a principle common to professional social networks. No private message sending is possible without a mutual agreement to put in relation.

Increased visibility for the athlete and his agent

The job of an agent requires the creation of a network and a portfolio of quality players to maximize the chances of success. With SIL, the agent of the athlete wishing to export or just want to change club, can access a marketplace where opportunities are multiple.

On SIL, agents and athletes without representatives, emit data, statistics, videos and live video broadcasting, to offer a wide visibility and transparency. This remains essential for trust to be the driving force of a functional relationship between the different actors.